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About Hindustāni Music

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We love to share the knowlege reportoire about Hindustani Classical/Semi-Classical/Folk music via this website.

In brief...our three objectives....are

  • Share well-classified information compiled from Intenet open sourced info as well as what is being generously shared by the musicians
  • Bring together all the accomplished artists, students, lovers, critics and connoisseurs on the common platform
  • To present vast ocean of music to everyone who is willing to explore it.


Learning Rāgas & Tālas & More

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If you were looking for the detailed and well researched information and links about the Hindustani Classical / Folk Music, then be sure that you have reached to the destination!

This portal is an humble attempt to consolidate, classify and organize the vast wealth of heritage music from India.

Deepak Hindol Sorathi Devgandhari