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  Welcome To - Surmalika User Home          

Warm greetings and welcome from Surmalika team! This is your home page.





From this page, you will be able to perform following tasks...

  • Updating your account information

  • Creation of musician's public profile
  • If you have registered as a performing artist, you may want to create your page - where you can showcase your achievements in the field of music. This information will be available to all the users of Surmalika.com. And they should be able to contact you through our Internal Messaging System.

    (Important: You have not registered with us as an  Artist)

  • Submission of an Article For Publication
  • Your can submit us an article, which may be published on our site after we review the same and discuss with you. To know more about contributing an an article related to music at Surmalika.com, please click here.

  • Contacting us
  • There are many possibilities when you may want to talk to us. And we are eagerly waiting to listen from our users - be it implementation of new ideas, need for some more info, or you have fouund some issues (technically we call a bug!) with this portal. please click here to send us a note.

  • Enjoy Trivia and Fun Stuff
  • Yes...we also present a lot of interesting info about music and musicians at Surmalika.com. Along with Quizzes, Puzzles related to music... Please click hereto browse..

  • Want to know more...
  • Please click hereto access FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) @ Surmalika.com