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"Tappa was the creation of Lucknow style of gayaki - though equally popular school of Tappa also comes from Punjab"

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1 Name the Raag which is a very popular variant of Raag Todi and was created by one of the sons of Miya Tansen?

      Miyan Ki Todi
      Saheli Todi
      Bilaskhani Todi
      Khat Todi

2 Reknowned Musicologist, Pandit Lalmani Misra used to play which of these instrument?

      Rudra Veena
      Saraswati Veena
      Vichitra Veena
      Lalmani Veena

3 Old Hindi Film Song of 50' - "Room Jhoom Ke Bajao, Bansuri Murari" - is based on which Raag

      Madhu Bhairav

4 Samvadi Sur of Raag Malkauns is_____


5 Which of the following Raag does not fall into any of the Hindustani Thaat?

      Darbari Kanhra

6 Nauhar Bani is the style / gharana of____



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